10 Homemade Healthy Pizza Recipes

How many times has homemade pizza gotten our backs when we were stumped for dinner ideas? Just gather your favorite ingredients, fire up your oven and you can prepare a healthy and delicious pizza in minutes!

Feel free to use gluten free crust, Cautliflower crust, Zucchini crust or any crust of your choice. I actually did a post on how to make Cautliflower crust, you can find this post by going to “menu” at the top of the page โ†’ categoriesย โ†’ foodย โ†’ scroll down a few posts and you’ll see it, also I will be posting a recipe for zucchini crust on Wednesday so look out for that and follow me so you don’t miss it. If you have an questions just leave a comment down below and I will respond.

Enjoy a slice of pizza without worrying about wrecking your diet with these healthy pizza recipes!

Vegan Pepperoni pizza. A pepperoni pizza….that’s actually meatless? Yes! Instead of using pepperoni, click the link below for a recipe that uses zucchini slices marinated in a hot and spicy sauce. This is a great pizza recipe that’s vegan and tastes amazing! Vegan pepperoni pizza recipe

2. ย Vegan + Gluten free pizza– What does this vegan, gluten – free pizza have, exactly? Well, this superfood pizza is a beautiful combination of quinoa crust pizza, garden- fresh veggies and tasty super seed pesto.ย Vegan + gluten free pizza recipe

3. ย Roasted Garlic Spinach White pizza – Roasted garlic is such an amazing ingredient to add to food and not to mention it’s amazing health benefits.ย Roasted Garlic Spinach White Pizza

4. ย Roasted Vegetable Whole Wheat Pizza – You won’t need meat because the roasted veggies on this pizza will give you everything your taste buds desire. Make this pizza with a crust of your choice and add more veggies you if you desire.ย Roasted Vegetable Whole Weat Pizza

5. ย Weight Watchers Pizza Margherita – A classic Margherita pizza is healthy enough. But this Weight Watch recipe makes this pizza healthier and yummier in just a few simple steps. ย Weight Watchers recipe

6. ย  Healthy Flatbread Pizza – This pizza is loaded with maple – roasted butternut squash, red onions, chard, pancetta, fresh herbs, ricotta, and pecorino cheese. The ingredients bring out a sweet and salty flavor, which you will love!ย Flatbread Pizza recipe

7. ย Gluten Free chicken Alfredo Flatbread with Bacon – This recipe does not sound so healthy. But you can make it a notch healthier by making the crust gluten free or using your own crust recipe. ย Chicken Alfredo and bacon pizza

8. ย Chicken pesto Artichoke Naan Pizza – In this healthy pizza recipe, whole wheat naan substitutes the crust. Instead of tomato sauce, the pizza is smeared with chicken, artichokes, and cheese. It’s a quick meal which is both healthy and savory.ย Chicken pesto Artichoke Naan pizza recipe

9. ย  Light Pineapple, Chicken and Bacon Pizza – Pineapple, sharp Manchego cheese, shredded chicken, and crispy bacon come together to give you this delicious pizza. Since it’s loaded with toppings, you might be wondering why this pizza is considered heathly. Again, the secret is in the crust. Instead of using the regular pizza dough, the recipes uses a crispy tortilla wrap as the crust.ย Light Pineapple, Chicken and Bacon Pizza

10. Pesto, Feta and Veggie Pizza – This is a delicious vegan pizza that tastes amazing. ย  You can make this with whatever crust you prefer and it’s sure to still taste amazing!ย Pesto,Feta and Veggie Pizza

All of these pizza recipes taste amazing and I hope you enjoy them! Fell free to use any crust you like when making these recipes also if you do not like an ingredient you can omit it. If you have an questions just leave a comment down below and I will respond. Also, if you’re new please follow my blog you you won’t miss any of my posts. Have a great day!

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