Hairstyles you can do in 10 minutes or less

Have short hair and tired of wearing the same look every day? We can all get tired of our same old, day in day out looks, but it always seems short hair has fewer options. This is simply not true, though. I love having short hair but some days I just want to change the way I wear it. Well, these hairstyles I’m going to show you below are great for those types of days! All of these hairstyles take 10 minutes or less and are great for lazy days or elegant nights out.

Recently I have been in love with french braids and deep side parting my hair, but I’ve also included some styles with you’re hair down. These hairstyles are super easy to do and look so elegant. For some of these hairstyles you will need clear elastics, bobby pins and some hairspray (if you want but it’s not required).ย These hairstyles do not have to be used on just short hair, when I had long hair I used tons of these hairstyles and they looked just beautiful. I’ve included links to the videos that show these hairstyles and all of the videos are super helpful and explain the style very well.

1. Twist Half – Up Braid: This is such a beautiful hairstyle that looks good on all lengths of hair.ย Twist Half Up Braid

2. Half – Up Top Knot – This style is perfect for any season and occasion and it works great with all lengths and types of hair.ย Half Up Top Knot

3. Fashionable braid hairstyle for shorter hair – this is by far my favorite hairstyle. If you have shorter hair this will work great for you but unfortunately if you have longer hair this will probably not work. The images pretty much show you how to do this. And I recommend using the large bobby pins vs. the short ones because the larger ones hold the hair better.ย Braided Hairstyle

4. Space buns- this is such a cute hairstyle for parties and it looks really great if you have colored hair or highlights. The picture shows you how to do it but one tip, don’t make your space buns too tight, loosen and messy them up a bit.ย Space Buns

5. Dutch Braided Bangs for short hairstyles – ย I think this Dutch braid bangs look is perfect for evenings or cocktail parties. And don’t worry because you don’t need bangs to achieve this look.ย If you have them great! But if you have long hair like me you can still do this hairstyle! Dutch Braided Bangs

6. Low bun – gather your hair and tie into a ponytail, then twist and pin. This is a great look that only takes a few seconds. You can even pull some hairs out to frame your face and curl them for a more fancy hairstyle.ย Low Bun

7. Dino Braids – This is such a cute hairstyle that is fun and different!ย Dino Braids

8. Dutch Braids into a low Bun – this is also a great and funky hairstyle that is similar to the low bun but adds braids.ย Dutch Braids into a low Bun

9. Dutch Braids into Space Buns – this is similar to the hairstyle before but these are space buns so the braids start from the bottom and go up. This is definitely one of my favorites because not only is it so different but it super easy.ย Dutch Braids into space buns

10. French Braid into a high Bun – This is a great hairstyle to get some hair away from your face. This hairstyle also looks so cute and looks great with all types of hair. You can curl or straighten your hair for more of a glam up look.ย French Braid into a high bun

All of these hairstyles are very easy and the videos i’ve included are very helpful if you need help figuring something out. If you have any more questions unanswered by any of the videos please leave a comment down below because I love your feedback. Also, if your new please follow my blog so you don’t miss any of my upcoming fall and winter posts. Have a great day ๐Ÿ™‚

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