Halloween Costume Ideas – homemade, store bought

Dressing up is the most fun thing about Halloween; you can literally be anything you want and this time the sky isn’t the limit (wink). Millions of kids and adults dress up on October 31st and go door to door trick-or-treating and then most throw the costume away the next day and wait for next year to buy a new one. That is why homemade costumes are so awesome. Not only do you save time searching through stores looking for the perfect costume but you will also save money! Whether you are aiming to be scary, or funny these homemade Halloween costume ideas are perfect for you and you’re wallet. I did include links where you could buy the costumes if you prefer at the bottom of each idea. Amazon gives great prices and very nice quality costumes. Little Boo from Monsters Inc. – Little Boo’s costume is made up of items of clothing already in her wardrobe, plus, sharpie decorated styrofoam balls for the eyes, fell for the teeth and a mop for the hair. Know if you prefer to buy your costume then here is a great link that gives low prices and super cute Monsters Inc. costumes for the kids.


2.     WALL – E – This costume is adorable for kids and looks so great when it is completed. You can make this adorable costume out of used computer boxes and packing materials. Click here for instructions.


3.     Witch costume– The classic Witch costume is perfect for all ages. This costume is probably one of the most popular costumes for kids and adults, and there are so many different spins you can take on this costume. I included a great video that shows you how to make a great Witch costume to get you started and then from there you can add anything you want. This homemade witch costume is very unique and can be made by using items from your home.


4.     Crocodile – This fearsome costume is made out or a cardboard box, some butcher paper, tissue paper and a little tape. Pair with any of the characters from Peter Pan and you have yourself a great little group! If you prefer to buy your costume then here is a great store that sells costumes for all of the Characters from Peter Pan for adults and kids.


5.    Playing Cards – I actually was a playing card with my friend a few years ago and we got so many compliments. To make this cute costume you will need…. poster board (the sturdy one, I got mine from Michael’s) , red and black sharpie, and a print out of your card choice (clubs, hearts diamonds ). Then all you need to do is sketch the design onto your card board, trace the outline in the sharpie color that matches your design, and add some string so it can stay on your shoulders. OR for adults/teens you can make this cute hat out of playing cards with some hot glue. You can add this to the costume or wear by itself.




Thank you so much for reading my post. I will be posting more Halloween costume ideas next week so make sure you follow my blog so you don’t miss that post. If you have any questions leave a comment down below and I will respond. Have a great day:)

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