Affordable Fall Makeup – looks, my favorites & all great quality

With Fall approaching the leaves are changing colors and the temperature is becoming crisper also our makeup looks are changing. In the summer I wear bright pinks but in the Fall/Winter I wear darker shadows and lipsticks. Today I want to share with you some of my favorite fall makeup looks that I love to wear. I will also be sharing with you my favorite fall makeup products. When choosing the makeup looks to include I wanted to use looks that don’t cost a lot to recreate because I know that sometimes when I watch makeup videos they use all of these expensive brands and I don’t feel like spending $100 dollars on one look. The products used in these videos and my favorites are very affordable without compromising the quality.


  1. Warm Brown Eyes Look – for me this is the perfect brown eyes look. It’s fairly simple and I plan on wearing this for my birthday!
  2. Fall look – I actually wore this look for Christmas because it can double as a both a fall and winter look! That is what I love about it so much.
  3. perfect fall look – this look is matte and I love matte products. I have never been much for a shimmer lip – this lipstick is definitely one to buy. Although this look is on the heavier side it is still so gorgeous and can be worn on a day or night out!
  4. simple fall makeup look- I love this look because it is so simple and is great for days when you don’t feel like wearing much but still want to look put together!

These are such great fall makeup looks that are not to difficult or expensive to recreate. I wanted to include more dramatic looks for those of us who love the nice bold lip (me) and simple looks for those who don’t like to wear to much makeup (also me). For me everyday is different, some days I wear more makeup and some days I wear the bare-minimum. Below find my favorite fall makeup products.

My makeup favorites 

  1. Milani lipstick – in nude (#26) – I love this nude color and it goes perfect with any eye look. And not to mention that it also smells amazing! All of their projects smell so good.
  2. Milani matte lipstick – I LOVE this color. For so long I have been looking for the perfect fall and winter red and I finally found it! It is such a beautiful color for such a low price!
  3. Mac lipstick – this is also another great color for fall. It is more of a deep purply color whereas the Milani is a dark red. I personally love all three of these lip products and you won’t be sorry with any of them!
  4. Morphe 35F – I love this palette and it contains the perfect colors for fall. Not to mention that it is super affordable and the pigment is amazing. Morphe makes such high quality makeup for great prices. Even if you don’t like this palette you should check out their other ones because they are so beautiful.
  5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette – I also love this palette. I use the morphe and Anastasia palette together but just one will create such a beautiful fall look. Anastastia pallettes are great quality, they are on the more pricey side but it is worth it.

Thank you so much for reading my blog post, if you are new make sure you follow my channel because I will be posting so many more Fall posts that you don’t want to miss, also give this post a like 🙂 . Also, this Wednesday I will be posting a Fall favorites post at 8 am that will include my favorite products and some of my favorite tips and tricks for the Fall.

Have a great day 🙂

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