12 days of Christmas DIY advent calendar

One of my favorite traditions to take part in during the Holidays is making an advent calendar. Whether I buy one or make one something is just so exciting about counting down to Christmas 🙂 In addition to making the calendar I also love making the gifts under each day. Some days contain store bought gifts like a watch, socks, gift card & candy and others contain handmade gifts like a clay figure, an ornament, & a picture (you can put a picture of a loved one here or something else) in a frame.

So for todays post I thought, why not share with you DIY advent calendars that will get you and your family into the Christmas spirit! I do realize this post it going up on December 2 and the countdown to Christmas started yesterday but you can still do the 12 days till Christmas countdown and use these ideas 🙂


These crafty ideas will help you figure out how many nights are left until Christmas in style.

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