Weight Loss Tip #5: Set yourself up for success. Don’t make impossible goals for yourself and make yourself stressed out about them, because then you won’t want to continue your diet.

Weight Loss Tip #6: If you are going on a diet try to find a friend/ spouse that also wants to lose weight. Dieting together, like working out together, is shown to boost levels and make you more likely to stick to the workout plan.

Weight Loss Tip #7: If working out at home find fun videos to follow along too. Put some music on, get jumping, dancing, running! When you have fun working out you are more likely to continue the plan.

Weight Loss Tip #8: If working out at home or even in a gym do not workout for hours a day. The next day you will be so tired that all you will want to do is eat pizza and not continue with the plan. Working out for 20-30 minutes a day is the perfect amount, in my opinion, you may be little sore the next day depending what you workout, but it won’t be so bad that you don’t want to get moving again.

Weight Loss Tip #9: Do not get too hard on yourself, if you decide to eat pizza one day or not workout for 2 or 3 days it’s okay. We are human, we need breaks and sometimes not doing anything is just what our bodies need.

Weight Loss Tip #10: IMPORTANT! Do not become obsessed with your diet. Do not become so scared to eat a cookie because you don’t want to break your diet. As I said in #9, we are human and eating one cookie is not the end of the world. It’s when we eat 10 cookies everyday.

Once you have mastered these tips then you are ready to start working out.

Before doing anything talk with your doctor because there may be certain pills you cannot take or certain exercises you cannot do.

My Favorite You Tubers that I use for following along to workout videos

  1. Blogilates – this is my favorite you tuber for workout videos. Her videos get my heart pumping and make you burn those calories!
  2. Boho Beautiful – this channel provides more of  Pilates/ yoga mixed workouts. These workout are great for if you are just starting out or are not really looking to get super sweaty. But don’t get me wrong her workouts are tough and do take strength!