Valentines day decorations to make from the heart

Hello to all of my readers! This week has definitely had its ups & downs, 1. I hit 100 followers on my blog, and 2. I have a mix between the stomach bug and flu, it’s as nasty as it sounds. So for the past 4 days all I have been doing is watching Criminal Minds, sleeping and making crafts 🙂 When I don’t feel good I love to sit down at my crafting table and make art. So as you probably can imagine these past few days I have been making tons of Valentines day decor.

For todays post I will be sharing with you the Valentines day decor that I am making.


Heart Felt Valentines day trees 

Buy a styrofoam cone, I bought mine from Michael’s

  1. Cut out hearts in felt (I used dark pink and light pink felt color) (I bought the felt from Michael’s)
  2. Glue the hearts on the styrofoam (I used hot glue)
  3. Buy or make a heart topper (I purchased mine from Amazon)

Valentine's Day Decor

Quilted Valentine Hearts Pillow – This is a great scrap buster project, a fabulous way to try out some new skills and a just a fun, bright pillow for the holiday!

(click the link above for tutorial)

DIY Valentine Decor

Ombre Yarn ‘L.O.V.E’ letters – you can never have too much LOVE during Valentines Day ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  1. I bought the wooden letters from Michael’s and different colored yarn from there too.
  2. Then I just wrapped the letters in the yarn switching colors every so often.
  3. I had my friend help me with this because it does take some time.
    DIY Love Letters

Glitter ‘XO’ letters – this is such an adorable decoration, a little messy when making but the end result is worth it.

  1. All you need is wooden or styrofoam XO letters, I bought mine from Michael’s but you can also buy them from Amazon.
  2. Cover your letters with modge podge, you can make you own or buy it from Michael’s
  3. Then once your letters are fully covered with  modge podge roll them in a pan full of red glitter. I found it easiest to buy 5-6 big tubs of red/ pink glitter and then spread it out in a giant pan then dip the glue covered letters in it.

Valentine's Day XO Glitter Letters

Love Note Pillows-  What an adorable way to hide a present or ring (wink). Also by using a sharpie/ fabric pen you can write your favorite poem or song on the fabric.

(Click “Love note pillow” above for the tutorial)Decorating Ideas for Valentine's Day

Mantel Ideas for Valentines

Budget-Friendly Valentines Mantle – Learn how to decorate a beautiful mantle for Valentine’s Day on a budget!  Step-by-step tutorials are included for a book page banner and a heart bouquet.

Valentine's Day Mantle

Decorated Shelves for Valentine’s Day – These festive shelves are so adorable. They add just enough of Valentines day BLING to your mantel.Valentine's Day Mantel

Birch Tree decor – This is a very simple mantel decoration, it is unique and a great project for you to do with your family. You could also use this as a table center piece, or drill holes into the wood and add some fake candles. DO NOT USE REAL ONES!

  1. All you need is birch wood, I picked mine up from around my house because we have these trees where I live but if you went to a lumber yard or even a craft store they should sell it.
  2. Take a sharp knife and carve into the wood and then tie some twine and hearts around the top & bottom for a finishing touch.

Valentine Table

  1. I bought most of my supplies from Michael’s and the supermarket.
  2. I took pink & dark pink colored hearts (different sizes and glued them in order of decreasing size on the jars. (You can look at the picture below for a more detailed tutorial)
  3. Then I wrapped dark pink & light pink string around the jars and then knotted it. (I found this at Michael’s)
  4. The hearts on a stick I also found at Michael’s (pre-made).
  5. Then you can fill your jars with candy 🙂

DIY Valentine TableThank you so much for reading todays post! If you have any questions leave a comment below and if your new follow my blog and join me on my blogging journey 🙂

Have a great day ♥♥♥♥

Credit: I found all of these decoration ideas on Tip Junkie

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    1. I really enjoyed your Valentines💕post…..your decorating ideas are so fun, bright and cheery!!
      I’d like to try the yarn wrapped letters and the glitter letters…they are super cute. Your mantel ideas are great too…simple, yet so festive💕 what a great way to add a burst of colors!
      Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re feeling better soon!!

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