Last minute Memorial Day party tips/recipes

Happy (almost) Memorial Day! I hope everyone has a really great day, whether it is by having a party or by staying in and watching tv re-runs (me) :). Before getting into the post I wanted to remind you that until the end of school I will only be posting on Monday’s at 8 a.m. but don’t worry because once the end of June is here my schedule will return to normal :).

Since tomorrow is Memorial Day I wanted to share with my readers some last minute tips and recipes for your party. These tips will ensure that you have a stress free day so you too can enjoy the party!

Enjoy 🙂

These recipes are quick and easy to make. Click on the link to take you to them!

Creamy bacon pea and ranch pasta salad -15 min

Red white and blue cupcake in a jar -30 min

Summer chickpea black bean salad -15 min

Macaroni salad -15 min

Watermelon salad -2 min

Summer veggie pasta salad -20 min

Patriotic quinoa salad -25 min

Cucumber Greek salad -15 min

Tips for Memorial Day parties

1. Take care of the bartending ahead of time.

The chic site
Make cocktails ahead of time and store them in mason jars so you won’t be running around last trying to get everything done.

2. Make impressive ice buckets.

The Chic Site
It’s hot out there and booze has got to stay cool. May as well make it look nice in the process.

3. TWO WORDS: giant Jenga.

A Beautiful Mess
Entertain guests with the most popular game around!

4. Use a colander as an ice bucket.

The Chic Site
Fill a colander with ice, place it over a bowl and don’t worry about your drink buckets being filled with melted ice before the party even starts!

5. No board? No problem. Spray paint outdoor Twister.

The Chic site

6. Turn your cocktails into popsicles.

Drizzle & Dip

7. Write the doneness of burgers on the buns with ketchup.

A Subtle Revelry

8. Use frozen water balloons in a cooler instead of ice.

Brit + Co.
Not only do they look way cuter than ice but they also keep the drinks just as cool!

9. Turn a watermelon into a keg.

Gina Zammit/Flickr
Watermelons are a hit at summer gatherings, and they will be even more of a hit filled with booze!

I found these hacks on Huffington post. I changed the descriptions to my own. But if you want to see more hacks go check out their site!

I hope you enjoyed today’s quick post. If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will respond. Have a safe and fun Memorial Day!!!!!

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    1. Wow!
      This post had so many great ideas!
      The red, white and blue cupcake jars are awesome!
      As well as the chickpea, black bean salad….yum!😋
      The clever ice buckets are fun and the spray painted Twister board is genius!
      Using ketchup to tell how a burger is cooked, love it👍
      One of my favorites are the frozen water balloons in place of ice….so cheerful and colorful👍👍
      Thank you for your fabulous ideas✨

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