12 Festive DIY Thanksgiving decorations for any home

Happy Thursday everyone! If you did not read my last post then you are probably a tad confused as to why I am posting on a Thursday. Well, since it’s one week till Thanksgiving I wanted to post as many helpful Thanksgiving posts as possible for all of my readers; that is how I came to the conclusion, to post everyday of the week (minus the weekends) up until Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving I will be taking a short Holiday break then I will be back posting on November 27 with a special post 🙂 .

Last night I was reviewing my blog stats and I saw the post I blogged about, DIY Fall home decor has received 30 likes! YOWZAAAAA! That is definitely a record for my blog, and it makes me so happy 🙂 This news brings me into today’s post where I am going to be sharing “Festive DIY Thanksgiving decor for any home”. If you are in need of some easy do it yourself Thanksgiving decor for your Holiday party then you are in the right place! At the end of this post you will be scrambling out the door and into a craft store to make these festive decorations.


OOOOoooooo and one last thing before getting into the post. Make sure you are reading tomorrows post, which goes up at 7 a.m, because I am finally announcing the much awaited BIG news!

Okay, now ENJOY the post 🙂 🙂

Copper Thanksgiving Table Decor

A green and copper color palette makes for a warm, inviting Thanksgiving table setting, and Kraft paper cards at each place encourage guests to jot down their blessings. Even better: Almost everything can be sourced from the dollar store and grocery store!

Get the tutorial at Bless’er House.


DIY Basket Thanksgiving Wreath

Why should Easter get all the woven fun? This rustic wreath will have guests singing, “A-tisket, a-tasket, a Thanksgiving basket.”

Get the tutorial at Twelve on Main.


Printable Give Thanks Sign


Download and print this free design and throw in a wooden frame for a Thanksgiving decoration that’s as easy as can be.

Get the tutorial at Shanty 2 Chic.


DIY Leaf Table Runner

Let nature take its course with a DIY leaf runner. Crafted from lush blue and green felt, this table topper perks up plain linens and provides a padded path for hot plates. Download our leaf template and use it to cut the shapes out of felt. Create enough leaves to traverse your table, then hand-stitch the edges together in a whimsical, overlapping design.

A feather place card lends a fine finish. More than just a way to denote seating arrangements, this pretty plumage doubles as wearable art—thanks to a bar pin hot-glued to the back. Make the quill stand upright by hot-gluing a magnet to the side of a cork, then sliding the placecard between the feather pin and cork magnet. As for the gorgeous handwriting, you can splurge on professional calligraphy or do it yourself if you can do it neat enough.

Box Grater Luminaries

Create moody ambience on a sideboard with this flickering display. Arrange multiple vintage box graters on a tray. Illuminate with flameless flickering LED votives to prevent the metal graters from becoming too hot to handle. Fill in gaps on tray with acorns and extra candles.


I found these decor ideas on country living


Message board

As family or guests arrive for Thanksgiving, have them write what they are thankful for on a paper leaf and pin it up. This frame was constructed using a linen-covered foam core and an old frame. Cut paper leaves from old books or scrapbook paper in different fall shades.

Creative candleholders

Use repurposed candle holders for easy fall displays of small pumpkins and gourds. Look for inexpensive candleholders in varying heights at a garage sale or antiques store, then spray-paint black for a unified look.

Leaf tags

Leaf tags

A pair of holly leaf shapes—one cut from Kraft paper and one from metallic paper—make festive drink, or gift tags. Tiny bells stand in for berries. You can even spray paint them a berry color for an added touch.


Small pumpkins and gourds spilling out of a cornucopia create a lush seasonal look on your tabletop.

Hues of autumn

Footed glass containers show off ribbons, beans and nuts in fall hues. The copper tray adds shiny sophistication and makes the arrangement portable.

Acorn tree

A coat of paint transforms acorns into tiny ornaments. Hang them from a branch with twine loops glued to the caps. The long serving tray, filled with more acorns and a bowl, visually balances the display. Adjust the colors of the paint to coordinate with your table linens.

Bountiful tabletop

Create a beautiful table display that shows off the bounty of the season. Cylindrical vases filled with birdseed provide a sturdy base for branches from which small pumpkins dangle on bits of twine. Between the vases, hollowed-out gourds hold candles as well as berries. Finish the look by arranging berries, pinecones, gourds, branches and moss around the vases.

Give thanks

For quick and easy homemade place settings, start with brown craft paper and create space for each guest to write a list of things they’re thankful for. The lists will make great dinner conversation, too!


I found these decor ideas on Midwest living.

I also kept parts of their descriptions and changed some of them to make them my own.

Thank you so much for reading today’s blog post. If you have any questions then comment them below and if you have any specific posts you want to me blog about then also comment those below.


Have a great day and see ya’ll tomorrow at 7 a.m 🙂



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