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How is everyone on this fine Tuesday morning? Me, myself & I are fantastico! Reason being, that I am officially on Thanksgiving break, which makes me very happy ๐Ÿ™‚ . A second reason for my happiness is that all day I have been planning my Thanksgiving menu. I finally have it narrowed down to 3 desserts and 3 side dishes. I know! I know! That is still alot of cooking but what can I say, I LOVE FOOD! Who else is with me?!?!

Since Thanksgiving is inching closer and closer I wanted to add some helpful holiday hacks to my blog page. The hacks I am going to share with ya’ll today are 1. helpful 2. awesome! And 3. will makes your party run smoother and will leave you less stressed.


Buy a case of cheap glasses from IKEA or Target so that it is no biggieย when a glass breaks.

Spring for some mason jars at your local store. One, they make for fancy glasses, and, two, they can also double as festive decor. This year leaveย the red partyย cups at home.

Speaking of finger food, three words people: oven-ready appetizers. Premade appetizers/ store bought appetizers are delicious and can be totally changed just by adding a few fresh garnishes. Throw a basil leaf on top, some rosemary, or even make a fancy design. This hack saves a lot of stress when having to cook 5 different appetizer dishes.

Have aย group game or holiday craft on reserve. Activities are always a good idea should the conversation slump…or turn to politics. And we all know how quickly that can turn bad.

Be directย when guests ask what they can bring.ย If you are not direct and dance around the bush with different options then you can get yourself into quite a pickle. If you need cheese plates then tell a guest to bring that, and so on and so forth with other dishes.

I adapted these tips fromย pure wow.comย and changed all of their writing to my own.

Wow with a custom centerpiece.ย A custom centerpiece is the perfect vibe to add to your Holiday party. Buying a centerpiece can be nice but creating your own will add a personal touch to any table and home.

Here is a great list of songs to play in the background during your Holiday party. They are not too loud, so people will be able to hear their own thoughts! And, they are very soothing and make a nice addition to your Holiday party or another gathering.

Prep and clean ahead of party time.ย Anything you can do before your party is one less thing you have to worry about on the big day. Many dishes such as appetizers and pies can be made a day before the party, at most. Two days before the party can be pushing things but don’t fret because you can still work on other tasks besides the food. For instance, you can start organizing the table, cleaning the house, and washing the sheets, if you have overnight guests. Most importantly, ALWAYS be prepared for overnight guests even if you or they (the guests) had not planned on it.

But, if you do not have time to clean the house then only focus on areas guests will be in. For example, your bedroom probably does not need to be cleaned as people are not going to be in there. Your living room is a must as well as the bathrooms, also, any other places you might think of.

Leave a lasting impression with a parting gift.ย A great end to any party night is with a gift. As the guests are packing up, handing them a little gift bag is such a simple and festive parting treat. You can create something nice and simple for guests and not have to strain your check book. You can buy small wine bottles for a very cheap price at any wine or food store. You can also go to a party store and pick up some wooden kitchen serving utensils or other party gifts. But, if you are not the host that likes store bought gifts then think about making something. Handmade ornaments? Homemade cookies? Plus any other craft ideas.

I adapted these hacks fromย todays,ย ย I changed all of their descriptions to my own.

Whether you are planning a holiday soiree, celebrating New Years, or are hosting another special event, with these hacks you are sure to make your party memorable, impressive and most importantly, fun. These hacks will be helpful in any party you are hosting, or helping host. They will take the stress out of stressful and put the excite into exciting!

Have a safe and wonderful day. And I will see ya’ll tomorrow for anotha post ๐Ÿ™‚

And as always, Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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