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It’s Spring time on DIY Lifestyle so what better way to welcome a new season than with some DIY Spring Decor!

The weather here has been lovely these past few weeks and it is finally starting to feel like a new season is arriving. Spring is my second favorite season, Winter being first, sorry but I love Christmas so it’s #1 in my heart, but don’t get me wrong Spring is very very very close. Flowers blooming, birds chirping, the warm breeze ushering in; Spring is such a beautiful time. Even thought I do suffer from allergies I do not let that dampen my love for the season 🙂

One of my favorite ways to welcome in the new season is by decorating, which is why today I am sharing my favorite DIY decorating ideas from country living!

ENJOY today’s post and Happy decorating.

Speckled Jars

Get the tutorial at Mason Jar Crafts Love

Framed Flower Pine Cone Decor

Get the tutorial at Crafty Morning

Bird Feeders

Get the tutorial at Eighteen25

Spring Umbrella Wreath

Get the tutorial at This Grandma is Fun.

Wall-Worthy Monogram

  1. Cut your desired letter shape from thick cardboard and hot-glue spools to the surface.

Wildflower Centerpiece

  1. Simply line up nine same-size vessels in three rows of three. Then wrap gardener’s twine around the grouping twice and tie the ends. Finish the blooming display by placing two to three stems in each container.

Smart idea: Separate the milk bottles and flowers afterwards to give to your guests as party favors.

Spring Boot Door Decoration


  1. Install a metal grommet on the back of each rain boot. Loop a piece of burlap ribbon through grommets. Place a 3-inch-wide cylindrical vase in both boot heels; stabilize with tissue paper if needed. Fill vase with water and seasonal blooms. (We used a mix of hydrangeas and daisies.) Tie ends of ribbon together and hang on a nail.

Tools you’ll need: Grommet kit ($13,

Crafty Garland


Thread spools of varying sizes and hues (interspersed with colorful wooden beads) on a long piece of embroidery thread. Knot the ends and make sure it’s secure. This craft is perfect for decorating any space that needs a pop of color.

Simple Centerpiece


  1. Insert the stems of flowers (here, ranunculus) into the tubes of assorted spools, and arrange them around your home. For longer-lasting blooms, add floral foam, which you can dampen with a straw.

Botanical Print Dresser


  1. Make paper photocopies of a botanical fabric, then use a utility knife to cut out desired portions of the print. With dresser drawers closed and pulls removed, map out placement of botanicals, then decoupage to dresser using a medium-strength adhesive like Mod Podge (available at craft stores). Once dry, carefully run a razor blade between drawers so they open properly. Finish with a coat of clear acrylic sealant.

DIY Floral Pillows

Tip: All you need is a yard of fabric to make a 16″ x 16″ throw pillow.

1. Gazebo Cornflower: $30/yard;

2. Rosa: $219/yard; for stores

3. Udaipur: In indigo, $137/yard; for store

4. Asters Honey: $15/yard;

5. Malindi Floral: In blossom, $20/yard;

6. For similar styles, try

7. English Garden Fabric: $32/yard;

Decorated Eggs

Robin’s Egg: To create the base color shown above, add two drops of green food coloring to standard blue egg dye, and then dye egg. Once dry, dip a fine-tipped paintbrush in a small bowl of brown liquid ink (available at craft stores) and splatter on the egg.

Paper Napkin Egg: Unfold a paper napkin and cut into ½-inch-wide strips. Use Mod Podge and a small paintbrush to adhere strips to the egg, lining up the pattern and trimming away any excess napkin. Once covered, let dry, then apply a final coat of Mod Podge.

Twine Egg: Use a small paintbrush to apply crafter’s glue onto the top of an egg. Starting in the center of the top, wrap twine (we used four-ply) into a tight circle. Continue to brush on glue and wrap the egg until it is completely covered. (You will use approximately 12 feet of twine.) Trim excess.

I found these DIY Decor ideas on country be sure to check out their site for more decor ideas!


Thank you so much for reading today’s post, if you have any questions leave them below or reach me using the “contact” tab located at the top of my blog. Also, if you want me to post something specific reach me using the same methods mentioned above.

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Have a great day 🙂 and Happy Spring decorating!

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