Spring fashions trends – 2019 edition

Who else is loving this gorgeous Spring weather? I know I am. Sunny sky’s, birds chirping, warm breeze’s, what a wonderful feeling Spring brings.
Something I am very much looking forward to this Spring is the clothing. Buying clothes and creating fashionable outfits that embrace the season is something I very much enjoy. The first day of Spring was Wednesday so as many people out there will be doing, me included, we will be hitting the shops this weekend to check out the Spring clothing line. But, what’s on trend this year? What colors are popping? What styles are most stylish? Well you are in luck because today I am sharing this years Spring 2019 fashion trends. You will be the trend setter at your work and will be wearing this years most popular styles and prints.
This Spring you will be seeing colors like egg-yolk yellow, pastel yellow, and although purples and pinks are not the trendiest this year a little pop of them in your outfit will not be a complete travesty :). In addition, shorts suits will be the hottest new clothing along with puffy sleeves, two toned prints and so many other stylish patterns. Keep reading to find out more.


Egg-Yolk Yellow– the hottest and most popular color this Spring

Short Suits

To account for spring’s warming weather, designers revamped their basic pantsuit sets and instead teamed blazers with shorts!

White Dresses

The different fabrics and styles are a definite must for your Spring & Summer getaways.

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