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Hello friends and welcome back to my blog! I apologize for my lack of posting these last few weeks, I had a lot of work to catch up on and truthfully I was out of blogging ideas. I like blogging on topics you enjoy as my readers and that I enjoy writing, so I took some time to relax and think of new and fun post ideas for my blog this year, and let me say, WOW! I must have written down 30+ post ideas that I am over the moon excited to show you; one of them being today’s very blog post.

Coming out of Winter is such a great feeling, unless you dislike warm weather 🙁 There are only so many potatoes and soups a girl can eat and so many times she can wake up and it be -5 degrees out, before she becomes tired of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Winter. I am a skier so without the Winter I would not be moving very far. But, once March and April come around and you get a taste of what you were missing, the nice warm sunny days, you want the Summer to work it’s way to your corner of the globe, quickly. Yesterday was one of those days. I worked outside all day gardening and cleaning up the house to make way for Spring and all the wonders it brings, like, being able to eat outside, wear Spring fashion and so much more! Since the season of outdoor parties is fast approaching it is time to start sharing delicious Spring dishes to make for your next gathering.

ENJOY today’s yummy post 🙂

Chef John’s Pasta Primavera

Find this recipe on all recipes.

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