How to make the most out of small spaces in your home

Our homes are full of so many nooks and crannies; little spaces that we want to make our own. It’s in these spaces that we can add styles that compliment our living space so when someone walks in everything is looks complete. You don’t even have to live in a house for this to apply to you. Hey apartment owners, room renters, mobile home inhibitors. Making your space feel like home is the #1 priority because it is in fact your place, you’re spending your days there so why wouldn’t you want it to feel cozy and comforting.

While decorating these little nooks may seem easy as you’re reading this, in reality when it’s time to put pen to paper or in this case make designs come alive, you may start to run into problems.

Problem #1: What do you do when the space is too small for say a sitting area but too big for you to just leave it alone; finding something just right can seem like a nightmare.

Problem #2: You’re in a crunch for money so cannot afford to swipe swipe swipe your card.

Problem #3: You’re in a crunch for space in your tiny kitchen or another room and have no space to store items.

Problem #4: You live in such a small living space that you don’t have enough room for your tv, dining area, or even your bedroom.

When it’s time to start working these problems can deter you from wanting to advance, so it’s DIY Lifestyle to the rescue! With Spring being here and Summer just about knocking down our doors, I thought it would be the perfect time to share the best and most stylish ways to make the most out of your small spaces. You don’t need a large house to fit everything in, you can make a two room apartment be able to fit everything you need.

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Tip #1:

Is your living room to small or worse, overcrowded? Try this stylish way to free up space and add a unique look to your lounge area.

27 Sneaky Tips for Small Space Living

Instead of two separate couches, buy one like shown in the picture. They provide just as much and sometimes even more couch space than two separate ones, and they save you room! There are even some with slots or compartments along the bottom so you can display books or store items in there, which saves you even more room! Or, you can utilize wall space by displaying your books on a high shelving unit (shown above).

Have no room for pictures? Add them in between the couch and book-shelf if you don’t have room elsewhere, which again utilizes wall space!

Tip #2:

No room for a dining room table? Turn the back of your couch into one.

27 Sneaky Tips for Small Space Living

This is such a great idea because it’s the perfect set-up for movie night and can save you a ton of space that may need to be used elsewhere.

Tip #3:

No room for cabinets to hold your cups? Or maybe you don’t even have anything that constitutes as a countertop? Hang your mugs and seat your cups on this super easy to make display. If you are really in a crunch for space you can hang your fruit basket on the side, make another shelf to hold your plates up on, and attach your paper towel holder onto the side of your wall. This is making the most out of small spaces at its finest.


Tip #4:ย 

No room for a bed? No room for your eating table, tv, or clothing drawers? Combine them all into one room.

Tip #5:ย 

You can never have too much storage space. Turn your bed into a sneaky and out of sight storage place that no one will even know exists.

27 Sneaky Tips for Small Space Living

Tip #6:ย 

Have a small corner that needs filling. Try hanging plants (like shown in the picture below), a lamp-post with a unique lamb shade and color (also pictured below), or make shelves that fill the boring corner. You can display pictures or other items on them.ย

Adding plants to your home can brighten everything up and they are great space fillers.

Lamps are also a stylish way to change theย dynamic of a room, fill a small space or add a pop of color.


Corner shelves can add style to your room, fill up empty spaces, and are a useful object to use as shelf space.


A different and unique way to style your shelves.

Tip #7:ย 

Make friends with the mirror.

It’s true that large mirrors make spaces appear much larger than they actually are, which is a major plus for you! You can use rustic looking mirrors, modern style, wood framed, really whatever floats your boat.

Install large ones on a focal wall which will give the appearance of a larger room!

Tip #8:

No cabinet space for cleaning supplies? No problemo.

Try out this adorable and very handy cleaning basket, you’ll never miss cabinets again!

You can store more than just cleaning supplies in them. Tape, shoe polish, rope, scissors, laundry detergent, hand towels, sewing supplies, clothespins, dish soap, craft supplies or anything else you may think of. This way it 1. saves space, and 2. the essential items are all found in one space.

27 Sneaky Tips for Small Space Living

Tip #9:ย 

If you have any areas that are empty, add drawers for storage space. Example: Turn the underneath part of your stairs into a storage space/ book ย nook.

Why waste space for a bookshelf or storage area elsewhere when you can easily transform spaces like under your stairs into aย cubby.

27 Sneaky Tips for Small Space Living

Tip #10:

Install a pull down desk (similar to a pull down bed) either for your own work table, dinner table, or kids craft area.

27 Sneaky Tips for Small Space Living

Tip #11:

No room for even a closet to hang your clothes in? Try this one hanger hack.

Purchase yourself some shower curtain rings and you can go many places with this hack.

27 Sneaky Tips for Small Space Living

Another useful closet hack if you are desperately in-need of space but have none, put your closet on wheels.

27 Sneaky Tips for Small Space Living

If you don’t even have room for a moving closet then make the bottom and sides of your bed into a creative space to store shoes, bins with your clothes, or other items.

27 Sneaky Tips for Small Space Living

Tip #12:ย 

Paint the right color.

Painting your already small room the wrong color can make it appear even smaller which is the complete opposite of what you want. Check out this guide fromย hgtv.comย on how to paint your room the right color.

27 Sneaky Tips for Small Space Living

Tip #13:ย 

Still looking for the perfect design on how to decorate your small space? Check out these links below which will hopefully put you on the right track.

These are my own tips so if you use them on your site please credit me.

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    1. I love all of your small space ideas!

      I am excited to try these out!

      I will be using some when I move to my new place.

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas๐Ÿ˜Š

      1. Awww that is so awesome! I hope your move goes well, and these ideas help you out ๐Ÿ™‚

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