5 tip$ to help you $pend less money- make your wallet $mile

What better way to $tart off your week right then with hacks to help you $ave moolah! $$$$$$$

$aving money is something everyone wants to do, if you don’t then you’re lucky. I am constantly trying to find ways to spend less money and while I don’t have the exact science down, I do think I have a pretty good start.

With Summer coming up, parties are making a grand appearance. But what’s making an even grander appearance is that frown on your face because of the astronomical cost of the tent, the party food, or your outdoor furniture. Swipe swipe swipe goes your card and down down down goes your smile. Well don’t fret because you are in luck! While my tips will not have you saving as much as a house mortgage, they will help you lighten the load of your spending so you can save up your money; something we all love.


A tip, a hack, a helpful way to save. $$$$$

Tip #1: Stop unnecessary shopping


This may seem like such a stupid tip, but in reality you do not realize how much you may spend unnecessarily.Β 

Are you someone who enjoys going out to the mall? Or out with friends? And every time you go you whined up coming home with a few bags of clothing? Now I am not saying to stop shopping altogether but really think about if you need those extra pair of shoes, shirt, purse. or just want them. By not spending on your wants but your needs, you will quickly realize how much money you are saving.

Tip #2: Pay with cash only


It’s a fact that you will spend at least 30% more if you are in a store with a credit card. And, when you use said credit card you have to pay interest on it! Instead, use cash! It has no interest and what you have in your pocket is all you can spend.Β 

Tip #3: Track your spending with a chartΒ 

Acultivated Nest

Seeing where your money is going and how much is going, will better help you save. When you see that you spend $30.00 at a restaurant everyday, you can try cutting back to save. The same goes for shopping. If you see that you are spending unnecessary money somewhere you can make sure to limit it/ decrease the spending (if possible). Little tiny cuts can make a huge difference in the long run.Β 

Tip #4: Keep your car tires filledΒ 


Check your tires weekly to make sure they are holding the correct amount of pressure. To know the correct amount check your cars owners manual or take a trip to your car dealership.

By having the correct amount of pressure in your tires, you are increasing your gas mileage by up to 10 percent.Β 

Tip #5: Grocery shop with a list & know what you are going to cook for that week & try meal prepping

A grocery shop list is your savior.

Creating a list with all the foods needed for the week will save you the problem of going into the food store hungry and buying just short of everything, or seeing not needed snacks and throwing those in the cart. When you buy only what you need for that week you could save up to $20 or more by not deterring from your list.Β 

Plan your menu:Β Knowing what are going to cook for that week also ties in with list shopping. Make sure to at least have a guideline of what meals you want to make or try out so you don’t start buying unnecessary food items.Β 

Pre-made meals:Β If you are looking to save even more money on your grocery trip, try out pre-made meals. Instead of buying a whole bag of carrots, celery, chicken, peppers, nuts….. and spending say $30 dollars on all of this, try healthy pre-made options instead. 1. They help you with portion sizes, and 2. They taste really good. My favorites are the ones fromΒ Green Giant.

Meal prepping:Β Try out preparing your meals for the week on a Sunday night or whenever you have free time. This hack will not only help those who are busy bees but will also help you save money. This ties in with planning your menu and pre-made meals because when you know what and how much of ingredients you need, you can skip on buying a bag of 30 carrots and opt for the single ones, same goes for other ingredients.

These are my own tips so if you use them on your site please credit me.

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    1. Wow! It’s all good tips…πŸ‘πŸ‘
      I personally tried** cutting down on my unnecessary shopping which certainly helped in my case. πŸ˜€ (**I used to shop a lot back in India than now in Germany!!)

      1. Thank you so much! I love shopping too and in the past i would spend so much money but I too have tried ** cutting back and you really do notice a difference in the amount of money in your bank account. Glad you found my post helpful! 😁

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