The perfect handmade heart earrings for mother’s day

Those who know me know I love art. Working with clay, painting, drawing, coloring, basically anything that involves the art field I am 100% in. Hands down my favorite project to work on in the art field is working with clay. I find so much joy sculpting fairies, gardens, bowls, Star Wars/Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings characters, and….. earrings. During the Winter I created a whole line of polymer clay earrings; some I sell some I wear or give away as presents. From this stemmed my own little business named “creative creations.” (Check out my site where I show all of my earring designs: Creative Creations. At the bottom of this post I will include more information on this)……………. Okay okay, back to the post. β‡’β‡’Since I have created all of these earrings I thought it would be an awesome idea to share my how to: steps on how to: design them. 

If you are looking for the perfect handmade gift to present your mother with this mother’s day then you are in the right place. Below find an easy and fun tutorial on how to gift your mother a present she will cherish forever and look stylish wearing. β™₯


Polymer clay heart earrings 

DIY Lifestyle


  • Polymer clay: 1 block of dark green, dark purple, red, bright yellow, turquoise
  • 2 eye hook pins  
  • 2 open jumprings 
  • 2 hook earwires 


  1. Take your polymer clay colors and cut a small block of clay from each block, then soften by kneading it between your fingers.
  2. Working with the red clay only: Once your red clay has softened, flatten it to about 1/2 cm thick, then cut a heart shape out. Dimensions of the heart: 3 cm wide at the top, 1.5 at the bottom, 2.5 cm long from the bottom point of the heart to the V. , repeat with another piece of red clay. 
  3. DIY Lifestyle
  4. Working with the green, purple, yellow, & turquoise clay: Roll long strips 1 mm in width for each of those colors. 
  5. Once the green, purple, yellow, & turquoise colors are rolled out, take your purple rolled clay and outline one heart, do the same with the green clay & put it on the outside of the purple. (refer to picture)
  6. DIY Lifestyle
  7. Working with the yellow and turquoise clay: repeat step #5 again but with yellow & turquoise. First place the rolled turquoise clay on the heart, then follow with yellow. (refer to picture)
  8. DIY Lifestyle
  9. Start assembling: Take one (1) eye hook pin and insert it into the top of the heart, repeat on other heart.
  10. DIY Lifestyle
  11. Then take one (1) jumpring, open the clasp with pliers and attach it onto your eye pin. Repeat with other heart.
  12. DIY Lifestyle
  13. To attach the hooks, open the clasp on one (1) hook & attach onto one (1) jumpring, repeat on other heart. 
  14. Cook your clay earrings as directed on your clay package. Different clays brands may need to be baked longer/ at a higher temperature than other clay. 

These are my own pictures and designs so if you use them on your site/share them please credit my blog. 

More about my buisiness. If you visit my site where I share all of my clay earring creations and you spot a pair of earrings that catches your eye then contact me, or leave a comment below telling me which design you like and I can sell them to you or share how to make them. My buisness blog: Creative Creations.

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Have a great day and see you tomorrow for another post! 

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    1. These πŸ’œheart earrings are beautifulπŸ’•

      The steps you shared on how to make them are easy to understand, very helpful!

      1. Thank you! So happy you loved this post πŸ™‚

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