My last day of High School – looking back over the years

Well folks, today as you are reading this post I am walking through the High Schools halls one last time. To say High School has been fun is an understatement. Words that more closely resemble it are- spectacular, excitement, joy, friends, laughing, and at times awful. Yes, High School was full of many tests and homework assignments but really when I think about it all those pages of work have helped to prepare me for College; a chapter which I am very excited for.

I made so many incredible memories in High School which I will always think about, friends which I will always have, countless laughing moments which I am giggling about now while writing this post. Every person I met helped me grow in a different way and shape me into the person I am today. Whether it was understanding limits in math or learning the hidden meaning in Shakespeare, still no clue, every single person has been such an influence on me and I am so grateful for the opportunity to have met all of them.

I remember when I first came to High School in the 9th grade and being so scared. Imagine an almost 14 year old, with a broken arm and leg hobbleing down the hallway trying to figure out where the stairs are. I did find them, it took some time but eventually I learned all the nooks and crannies to the school. Where the shortcuts were to make it to Chemistry even quicker, the way up from gym class, or the side doors you can use to exit the building. So many little things, and truthfully some of those things I didn’t even know till my final year.

Then came Sophomore year followed closely by Junior year- the hardest year of High School. No joke, I had always heard whispers surrounding how difficult and tiring Junior year was but until you experience it, you have no idea. If I never have to hear the word SAT or AP again I will be a happy.

Lastly came Senior Year. Although I have many more years of schooling ahead of me, thanks to the idea that came into my head that said “go for your Phd”- thanks head πŸ™‚ Just joking. Where was I… oh yea… As I was saying, although I have many more years of schooling ahead of me, many more friends to make, many more tests to be cried over, it doesn’t really seem like an ending to something but more like a beginning. Now I am moving on and working towards my goals.

As I leave the hallowed halls of High School behind I remember the fun times, sad times, funny times, and hard times. I am sad to say tootles to my friends for a few months, some even longer, but I have to say I am overtly excited for College and the next pieces of the puzzle which are about to be added. My future is ahead of me and I for one cannot wait!

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