Appreciation post for 500 followers!


WOW! I am speechless. I cannot thank you enough for the continued support towards my blog, it truly means the world to me. To think back to just 1 1/2 years ago when I started my blog. To see how far I’ve come in that short amount of time makes me that much more excited for the future.

To everyone who has ever liked my post, commented, and even followed, Thank you! It’s because of you that I can share my love of blogging with the world.

Seeing where all of my followers come from around the world is also another highlight. It amazes me that someone over in China, Thailand, Greece….. view my posts and even go as far as following my blog. It’s equally amazing when they comment in their language or use my google translate tab. I am so happy that you enjoy my content and have the option to translate it so you can understand my writing.

I have so much exciting content and blog changes coming over these next few months which I am over the moon excited to share with ya’ll. I’ve been working on so many fabulous things behind the scenes which are finally after months of waiting, coming to a close.

Once again, I want to give a huge virtual huge to you all! Thank you for your continued support. I cannot wait to see where my blog is in a few years.

Thank you so much for reading today’s blog post. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me either by leaving a comment below or via my ‘contact’ tab.

I also want to give a huge welcome to all the new readers or followers on my blog. Thank you!

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Have a great day!

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