21 Handmade gifts for Father’s day- from the heart

One of my favorite gifts to give someone is something handmade. I personally feel like it is such a heartfelt and personal present to gift to a loved one because you made it. It wasn’t bought at a store and made by someone else, therefore it’s personal to you and them.

With Father’s day being a week away it’s time to get crackin on your present and I have you covered. These DIY presents won’t take long to create and will leave your dad with a smile on his face, which will last forever.


Mini mint tin toolboxes


I love you this much card

Father’s day gift basket

Father’s day cutout frame


Photo charms

DIY Picture Keychain photo charms homemade custom gift idea diy

Upcycled nuts and bolts heart

Nuts and Bolts Heart Construction #mosswoodconnections

Father’s day candy gramcandy bar letter

Dad you ROCK!

Marble acorn necklace/ ornament

Gorgeous homemade DIY acorn necklaces made with marbles.

Vintage record clock- site not found

Vintage Record Clock

DIY Accordion photo album

Accordion Pocket Watch Photo Album

Scrabble tile message picture frame- site not found

Scrabble Tile Message Frames

Necktie eyeglasses case- site not found

Necktie Eyeglasses Case

Firewood tote

Firewood Tote

Wooden beer tote

Wooden Beer Tote

Rosemary shaving cream

Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream



No sew slipper socks

No-Sew Slipper Socks

Tres lamp

Tres Desk Lamp

Remote control snackies

Remote Cookies

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