The 10 most fragrant flowers to keep in your home

One thing everyone loves about summer is the flowers. They smell amazing and add the perfect pop of color to your home, both inside and out. But as most have probably encountered, some flowers smell amazing while others not so good. So instead of smelling 100 different breeds of blossoms to find the best smell, simply read what i am sharing today. It will save you and your nose a lot of time.



Much like the spice the flower also possess a similar smell. While jasmines are best known for their aromatic scent, all jasmines are not fragrant. Other sweet smelling jasmines, such as yellow star jasmine, are not true jasmines but are highly aromatic.

Learn more about them here.


Quite possibly one of the most romantic flowers, surprisingly not all roses give off a sweet smell. The darker red ones are not as sweet smelling as the lighter pink ones such as shown here.

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This is my favorite flower because it’s purple and in my opinion has the most beautiful smell. While some irises possess a more sweet smell than others both will do perfectly in your home.

Honey suckle


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It lives up to its name- giving off a scent similar to floral honey. Although they don’t last long once cut from its roots they do make the perfect addition to a bouquet.


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Some of these flowers don’t have a scent but some do and when you find those that do, they smell amazing. Their fragrance is beyond comparison and they give off a tropical and floral scent.


Depending on the type and color of the lilac, this will determine what smell it carries. From strong & sweet, to spicy & intense, each flower is different and will carry its smell for up to 3-4 weeks.

Bee Balm


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In addition to attracting bees, butterflies, and other creatures this flower also produces a rich lemony aroma which can be quite pleasing. This smell will be most noticeable on a warm day when the heat of the day brings the aroma out.

Butterfly bush


Not only do they radiate a beautiful scent but your yard will also be swarming with tons of beautiful creatures (butterflies).


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There are two scents this flower can have. One being a strong floral scent and the other being of ginger and spices. Once the flower starts to die they still continue to give off such a vibrant smell.

Flowering crabapple

The smell this tree produces is both inviting and long lasting. It fills your garden with a scent like no other, and once fall comes you can make apple pie with the apples.



Similar to the essential oil, this flower produces a floral and sweet smell with herbal and balsamic undertones.

Learn more about this flower here and here.

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