The best places to hike in New York

Hiking is such a beautiful and adventurous outdoor activity that everyone can enjoy; not to mention it’s a great way to exercise.

This past summer I ventured out into the wild and went on quite a number of hikes. From bear mountain to breakneck and then all the way to up the Adirondacks, you could say that i’ve done a far share of hikes. So, before summer is officially over tomorrow night I wanted to share a complication of ‘the best places to hike in New York.‘ This way you’ll be able to check them out before the cold weather sets in and snow starts to fall. You’ll be able to witness the beautiful fall foliage happening at these places and will be able to expand your hiking checklist to include a few more places. πŸ™‚

First on the list we have Bear Mountain. Located in New York’s Hudson Highlands, it is known as one of the best peaks to hike. With an elevation of 1,283 feet, you’ll find a beautiful view of the Hudson river awaiting at the top.

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This was one of the first hikes I ventured out on. The name Breakneck is certainly fitting for this trail so I would suggest investing in a pair of hiking boots before setting off. Unlike Bear Mountain, Breakneck has 4-5 lookout points along the climb which offer beautiful picture spots or a nice place to enjoy your lunch. As you progress onward you’ll find more trees as the path cuts into the woods which offers a quiet and cool place to finish the walk.

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If you live in the New Paltz area (or in close proximity) then Minnewaska is definitely a hike you’ll want to add to your list. With dozens of trails ranging from easy to hard you’ll be sure to find a path that is perfect for you. For my more adventurous folk, straying away from the carriage trail is more of an adventurous walk. You will be lead down foot paths which go up and over rocks, across streams, and through bushes.

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Maybe a hike isn’t what’s in the cards for you and instead you are more of a short walk person. If this is you then Bash Bish Falls is the perfect walk for you. There are two paths- one ventures through the woods and the other is a stone walking path. At the end they both open up in front of a beautiful waterfall which you can swim in or just enjoy the picturesque view.

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Quite possibly one of my most exhilarating experiences was hiking in the Adirondacks. I summited Mount Colden and the journey was out of this world. The root covered paths, climbing up stone, walking along the water, climbing up, down and through rocks- what an adventure. If you are a die hard hiker and have not yet checked this off the list then you need to now. With dozens of peaks to hike you will definitely not be bored or wish you were someplace else.

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Check out my hiking in the Adirondacks travel diary for more about my trip- Travel Diary: Hiking in the Adirondacks

The last hike on my list is the Appalachian Trail. After running on this trail for over 10 years I can confidently say it’s a fun day hike or 3 month hike to go off on. With starting points all over the Hudson Valley you might not have even realized you were living right next to it. πŸ™‚ This hike is not as picturesque as the Adirondacks or Bear Mountain since it cuts straight through the woods, but if you’re not interested in look out points then this trail is the one for you.

If you like to hike and do decide to go on one the hikes I mentioned then tag @theresahealeyy on your instagram story or photo/video to be featured on my blog!

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