DIY Christmas decor

The Holiday season is in full swing so that means it’s time to decorate with these beautiful DIY Christmas decorations!

Yesterday was the first day of Christmas decorating in my house and I loved every minute of it. Taking the ornaments out of their boxes, putting up the Christmas tree, stringing the lights, it’s definite to say that I am in the Holiday spirit!

If you too are starting to decorate then you’re going to love what post is coming your way! Even if you’ve already finished decorating, you’re going to want to make room for some of these DIYS because they are just that great!

Before jumping into the post I did want to share a bit of exciting news! On December 2nd I finally created my Etsy and am so excited to share it with you. There are still a number of items which I need to add but hopefully by the end of January everything will be up. For now, I would love for you to check it out and browse through the items which I currently have up. Visit my Etsy “With Love from T to You” here.

Ice lantern

Glittering toy globe

Lighted pvc candy canes

Pine cone tree

Spindle snowmen – source unknown

Upholstered christmas trees

Lighted burlap garland

Holiday fabric trees

Giant ornaments

Rustic wood slice banner

Snowman logs

Directions by “Kitchen fun with my 3 sons”

Stack a few rustic log slices together, then decorate them with ribbons and markers to create these adorable wooden snowmen

Giant snowman candle holder

Wooden christmas trees

Wine Cork Wreath – source unknown

Wooden Christmas decorations

Hurricane shade

Snowman wreath

DIY Yarn Christmas Tree- source unknown

Terra Cotta Pot Snowmen

Christmas wine glasses

Christmas Village Tree made with a ladder -source unknown

Danish nisse christmas santa logs

DIY Reindeer logs – source unknown

Christmas light balls

For more DIY decor ideas check out:

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Have a great day! and Happy Holidays!

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    1. What incredibly awesome holiday decorations to make yourself!!!πŸŽ„

      I love the snowflakes ❄️ on your blog!!❄️❄️

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