Road to 2020 marathon- day 3 / listening to how I feel

It’s only 3 days into my journey and already I’m tired. So I listened to how I felt. Instead of pushing myself and tiring myself out even more I took a break from running today and instead I am working out, and this is perfectly fine. As long as I am running the required number of days and staying active then it’s okay to change your schedule around a tad to fit your life.

So, this morning instead of running, I am going to do a weights workout with a focus on abs and upper body. Weights are a great form of exercise to incorporate into your training. The program I am following has me weight training 2 times a week and working out with cardio (not running) once a week. The other days I am running with one day of rest on Sundays.

Following all of my workouts, I immediately drink my protein shake as a meal replacement/ way to get my daily protein in. So when I run or workout I try to do them around mealtimes. I run around 7-8 am so when I get back it’s breakfast time. When I workout I usually start around 11- 12 so when I’m done I can have my shake for lunch.

I do keep my schedule flexible so if something comes up then I don’t worry about changing it. I am going to have fun with this journey. If you too want to do this journey along with me then use the hashtag #runwithdiylifestyle on Instagram or tag @theresahealeyy in your running photo.

That’s it for today’s update. Have a great Tuesday everyone.

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