DIY homemade gift ideas for the family – blogmas day 1

On the first day of blogmas DIY Lifestyle gave to me, handmade Christmas gifts for the family.

Making handmade gifts for the family is a different kind of special. You can make them your own and put a little unique twist on them. Sure buying presents is a quick and efficient method, but, if you have some time before the yearly gift exchange, then try DIYing a few presents this year. Kids and adults of all ages will have fun creating these beautiful gifts which will mean so much to family and friends.

Give the gift of food this season by making this delicious homemade fudge.

Or by making this gingerbread pear loaf.

Make your family/friends home smell like Christmas with these easy to make DIY pine scented soy candles.

Not a fan of the Christmas tree smell. Then try out this sweet peppermint scented candle.

Snow globes certainly scream Christmas so why not make your own to give as the perfect shelf decorators.

Decorating the Christmas tree is such a fun tradition to partake in during the Holidays. So, what better way to make your families tree look top notch than by making these beautiful handmade ornaments.

Maybe you don’t want to DIY any gifts this year, so try out this easy to make poinsettia gift topper.

Everyone loves money. It’s just fact. What better way to give a few bucks to a loved one than in this fun way.

Combine all his/her favorites in one bundle for the ultimate Christmas gift. Follow the tutorial here.

Water ring stains are a pain in the butt, so avoid this by giving these beautiful agate coasters as a gift.

Baths are one of the best ways to end the day, so share this relaxing time by gifting this bath box set.

What better way to keep warm on these cold winter nights than with this chunky blanket.

I don’t know about you, but I love getting cooking spices as a gift. So if you know someone who is on the same line of thinking as me, then try this recipe as a sweet and salty present.

Bath bombs are the perfect accompaniment to a nice warm bath, but they can be so expensive. So, instead of going out and spending a lot of money on them, DIY your own as the perfect present.

Celebrate the years worth of memories by making this one of a kind picture frame.

Just like the marble coasters, these marbled clay dishes are the perfect pair to add to the bundle.

Give the gift of sustainability this year with these fun ombre tote bags.

Jam is one of my favorite sweets and these recipes are the only ones I follow and I’m positive your family and friends will feel the same way about them.

Thank you for visiting my blog today and reading the 1st of 12 blogmas posts.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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