15 Healthy Hanukah recipes- blogmas day 5

On the 5th day of blogmas DIY Lifestyle gave to me, Hanukah recipes to bring for the family.

Hanukah is just a few days away which means it’s time to start deciding what to make for the exciting day, and I’ve got you covered. These delicious recipes are sure to make it onto your Holiday table and have guests going crazy for seconds!

Ultimate braised brisket-recipe

Cauliflower latkes

Noodle kugel

Quinoa salad with oranges beets pomegranate

Baked pears with marsala honey syrup

Cinnamon baked doughnuts

Mini spinach and mushroom quiche

Blueberry ricotta tartlets

Easy sufganiyot

Noodle kugel

Braised beef brisket

Simple whole wheat challah bread

Hasselback butternut squash

Grandmas matzo ball soup

Rugelach cookies

Thank you for reading todays blogmas day 5 post. I hope you all have a Happy Hanukah.

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    1. Just by looking at the pictures of these recipes really made me hungry. Can’t wait to try these! Thank you so much for sharing!

      1. I am so happy you liked this post! Have a wonderful day and have fun cooking!

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