Christmas traditions – blogmas day 10

On the tenth day of blogmas DIY Lifestyle gave to me, a post about the Christmas traditions she takes part in with her family.

Christmas traditions are something most people have. We all have at least one thing which we do every Holiday season either by ourselves or with others. It’s just a fun way to get into the Christmas spirit!

My traditions-

Every year a tradition I and my family take part in is buying a Christmas tree. Whether we go to the farms in Rhinebeck and chop one down ourselves or we purchase one from the local farm stand, having a real tree occupy our house is a must.

Another fun tradition that I’ve just started doing 2 years back is makeing my own gingerbread house.Β In the past, I’ve relied on the supermarket’s version but these past few years I’ve loved doing the baking myself. It makes the house a tad more special knowing that you made it. I have not yet attempted to create the candy and icing myself, so thanks to Hannaford’s for supplying that, but maybe next year I’ll try. Who knows. πŸ™‚

Although this isn’t a tradition I take part in every year, it is something which more recently I’ve gotten into so it’s slowly becoming a yearly thing. Making apple pie and oatmeal cookies on Christmas eve. Why Christmas Eve and not Christmas day? Because who wants just one day of overindulging in sweets when you can have two! One of my favorite apple pie recipes is my own as well as the cookies. They are some of my favorite gluten-free recipes to make. But, even though it’s Christmas and it’s a day to indulge sometimes I do make this paleo apple pie as a healthier alternative. Make baking my apple pie recipe a new tradition of yours? πŸ™‚

One of the final traditions which I make a note to do every year leading up to Christmas is to attend Church. I grew up in a religious household so to me going to Church was something I always did. But recently life has gotten in the way and my weekly mass attendance has gone down a lot. This tends to happen every year around the Holidays because I get lazy. I go Holiday shopping and attend school during the weekdays so the last thing on my mind is waking up Sunday at 7 am to drive to mass. So, instead of looking at it as something I need to do I took a more relaxed and calm approach this year, and it paid off. I made it a goal to attend one mass a week regardless of if it was Sunday or a weekday. I realized that if I can spend 3 hours watching tv a night then loosing one of those hours isn’t that big a deal.

Recently, I’ve taken this approach to a lot of things. I say to myself that if I don’t want to drive here to do something or give my family member 20 minutes of my time to help them, then I should cut something out so I have that time. I have decreased my tv and phone time by a lot these past few months and realized that now I don’t mind being away from social media. I now have the time to devote to other things. This brings me into one of my new year’s resolutions. To spend less time on social media and not rely on my phone as much. Recently, I had something terrible happen which brought me into the light about how much I rely on my phone, the same as most people. Hence why this resolution was developed yesterday. πŸ™‚ I will be doing a full in-depth post about this challenge in the new year, and maybe you can take part in it with me!

Other than the traditions I shared with you, I don’t have much else. Sure there are things here and there which I do but I can’t really call them traditions.

Do you have any? Leave a comment below because I would love to know.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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