Marathon training- month 2 // dealing with injuries

Long-time no talk friends. My lack of posting has been due in part to me being injured ๐Ÿ™ and starting my 2nd semester of College. I have not been out on the roads in a week because last Sunday I pulled my inner thigh muscle also known as your groin muscle, and it hurt. I was limping around campus for 4 days and finally, on the 5th day, I could walk up a flight of stairs without needing the railing. I took an additional 2 days off after Friday and feeling good I decided to venture out today to the roads for a short 1-2 mile run. You’d think that a week off wouldn’t affect you that much. That you might be a bit slower and breathing heavier but this was not even close to how terrible I felt.

My run started off rocky. I couldn’t find my pace and was running very heavy. My legs felt like lead and my whole body felt like a rock. I could barely make it to the bridge which is about 1/2 mile then I had to walk and run and walk and run until I made it back home. My leg pain is nonexistent now but the rest of me feels terrible. At the end of my run, I felt so defeated and exhausted that I was pouting and crying as I walked up to my house. And this is okay. Some days you get the bear and other days the bear gets you. And today the bear didn’t just get me but he ate me! Hopefully with rest, stretching and adding weights into my workouts, in a week or two I will be back to running 6+ miles. I am not going to rush anything but I do need to start tracking my timing and miles more consistently because in 3 months I am running my first ever half marathon!

I am so excited about this and cannot wait to start working towards my goals so I can do my best to place in the top 4! It’s going to take a lot of work but I am more than ready!

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Have a great day everyone and I’ll see y’all tomorrow for another blog post.

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