How to make your own Christmas ornaments – blogmas day 10

Every year it’s a tradition of mine to make my own Christmas ornaments. I take a trip to my local craft store, pick up the materials and in a few easy steps I DIY my own ornaments. These crafts not only make a great addition to your tree but they are also fabulous presents for friends and family.

To make the ornaments follow the steps below and refer to the pictures if need be! And be sure to tag @runningwitht in your instagram photo of your recreation!

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Also, I know I am behind a day with blogmas but this weekend I promise I will catch up!


How to:
  1. Take an ornament and then take 1 glitter glue color and make squiggle lines around ornament (refer to picture), going around each time with a different glitter color.
  2. Fill in each space with glitter glue, add sparkles that match each glue color, let dry, add a bow to the top and you’re done!
  3. To make other designs use the glitter glue to write on the ornament, “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Peace, Love….” then sprinkle glitter on top.
  4. Happy Crafting!

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Thank you so much for reading today’s post! Happy Holidays. πŸ™‚

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