How to have a frugal Christmas this year! – blogmas day 17

Christmas is less than a week away at the time I am writing this so if you have not yet finished your Christmas shopping or in some cases, even started (!) then it’s time to!! This Saturday is super Saturday so now is the perfect time to finish checking that list for all those last minute stocking stuffers and gifts for the family!

However, this Christmas is unlike any other we’ve had. Which is a good thing and a bad. Good because this whole virus showed us what’s truly important – our family and friends, but bad because we can’t see them! This whole Pandemic has also left many of us with a lot less money than years prior so our Holiday shopping is not as large as in previous years, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as magical!

Lastly, I am falling behind on blogmas this year and I apologize because I know you all look forward to my posts each day. I am so busy and finding time to create content each and everyday is hard but I made a promise to myself and you that I will finish these 24 days no matter what! So this weekend you will be seeing 3 posts instead of just 2 as I catch up!

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Have a baking day where all your close friends and family who are in your quarantine bubble come over and bake! Instead of buying each other presents you can craft a whole day of fun! Watching movies, baking, skiing, sledding….

Secret Santa! Possibly one of the best Christmas traditions because you only need to shop for one person instead of the whole lot!

Take advantage of sales! This time of year is unlike no other when it comes to sales in stores. So do your research cause you’ll be surprised at what INSANE sales are going on!

Tip: No matter the day most stores have some sort of discount if you sign up for their emailing list. I know with Abercrombie when you sign up for emails you will save over 10% on your order any day (one time)!

If you are hosting a Christmas dinner with family/friends then instead of the responsibility of cooking and buying all that food ($$$) falling on one person, split it up. Have Uncle Ed bring the potatoes, Mike bring the Chicken, Sally bring the pies. This way one person won’t spend $1000 on food!

Homemade gifts are best! Making a DIY’d gift is both special and frugal! Do your research on what you’re looking to make because for every store bought gift there is an equal DIY of it on Google.

Instead of mailing Holiday cards send them a virtual one instead. There are so many awesome sites which specialize in emailing Holiday cards to your friends and family for a very low cost!

Happy Holidays everyone! πŸ™‚

Catch up on my blogmas posts so far!

Thank you so much for reading today’s blogmas post! Stay safe and healthy! πŸ™‚

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