Welcome to my news page. Here you’ll find news regarding my blog so you’re always up to date.

This page will be updated weekly with new announcements and important information.


I recently created an Etsy and I’m so excited to share it with you. On my Etsy you’ll find handmade (by me) gifts for every occasion. Visit my Etsy here.

Download your FREE paleo food shopping list here.

I am an Orgain protein ambassador so if you are interested in buying protein powder from them, and I suggest you do because they have 10/10 products, use my code RUNNINGWITHT for 30% off your first purchase. Use my special link here and I earn a small percentage of the sales generated.

I am also a WordPress partner so if you are interested in starting a blog, or other WordPress site, use my link here and I earn a small percentage of the sales.

Any questions then reach me here.

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