Welcome to my page where you will easily be able to locate my etsy shop called “With love from T to you”.

To visit my Etsy click here.

This page will be used for updates and sales happening on my Etsy as well as sharing any new products which I have just launched.

I created “With love from T to you” back in 2016 at a computer with a block of clay. Little did I know that in 3 short years my passion would evolve into baking, blogging, crafting, dancing, and writing. Now I have people from all around the globe following along on my journey.

On my Etsy I sell (handmade by me), ornaments, nickel free jewelry, bookmarks, hobbit and fairy huts, polymer clay figurines, handmade cards, and whatever else I decide to make and sell.

I just launched my etsy shop December 2nd so there are still a lot of products which I have not yet put up. But hopefully by the end of January everything will be done and you can shop my whole collection.

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