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Every time I use another sites recipes, hacks or DIYS on my blog I give credit to that site. I never use their pictures unless I am allowed to by their copyright and legal policies.

For posts that use my own recipes and pictures, I please ask that if you use them on your site to please credit my blog. To do this- tag at the bottom of the recipe link and clearly state that this is where the recipe and picture is from. I ask that you do not copy my recipe on your blog. You can put a picture up with a link to the recipe on my blog but not share the whole recipe on your site. If you are unsure about anything or have any questions then contact me via my ‘contact tab.’ If you do not respect my information then I will ask you to take it down and you will not be granted access to my site or be able to use my information again.

If you copy any of the information on my blog that I found from another site I credited, make sure to credit them, not my site. DO NOT credit my site saying that it is where you found the information, ALWAYS credit the original writer.

I respect everyone’s content and if I do not credit you correctly or you wish for me to remove your content from my site contact me and I will respect your wishes.

If you have any other questions or concerns then reach me via the “contact” tab located at the top of my blog.


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